Money makes the world go round.

Whoever deals with other people’s money has a huge responsibility. The risks for banks and brokers have never been as obvious as they were at the beginning of the 21st century. Fortunate is he who is well prepared.
We provide you with liability security that lasts.

Security for private banks, securities trading banks and stockbrokers

The financial and economic crisis shocked the banking and stock exchange world. Despite a certain lessening of tension, the market is still characterised by distrust. Securities trading banks and brokers feel the effects of the crisis directly in continuing lower sales. At the same time, they are faced with the problem of fulfilling the requirements of state regulatory authorities and the demands of their clients for greater security for the capital they invest.

Insurance options are diminishing

The situation has further worsened because insurers are underwriting new risks only very selectively and in some cases reducing liability coverage dramatically. At the same time, however, premiums are increasing. The result is that private banks, securities trading banks and stockbrokers are getting considerably less benefits and yet having to bear enormously increased costs.

Special exclusive concept

The situation is different in Great Britain. The Lloyd's market has remained comparatively stable. By cooperating with the London market, we are in a position to develop a special concept which solves the problems outlined above in all areas of liability business and furthermore makes it possible to underwrite higher insured sums.

More flexibility for you

We have, of course, made sure that our solution is so flexible that it allows you to tailor your insurance cover precisely:

– You benefit from global coverage which is not confined by borders.

– Group policies can be adjusted to specific locations,

– and this is also true of country specific jurisdiction.

– Splitting of national taxes and accounting leads to considerable savings for clients.

– Finally, new companies established during the life of the policy are automatically included.

Just a few of our highlights.

Our insurance solution is underwritten in Germany, Austria and Switzerland exclusively and solely through Insurance 1 and covers the following risk areas:

  • D & O
  • insurance to cover financial losses
  • financial institutions bond & fidelity insurance
  • supplementary cover for unauthorised trading
  • supplementary cover incomplete transaction
  • employers' practice liability (worldwide incl. anti-discrimination law)

Insurance 1's exclusive portfolio is intended for the following client groups:

  • private banks
  • securities trading banks
  • asset managers
  • private asset managers
  • stockbrokers
  • fund management companies
  • fund initiators
  • fund distribution companies
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