Global success needs security worldwide

Often national solutions do not offer the protection your company really needs. We provide you with national and cross-border liability and funding solutions in the financial sector, for event organisers and innovative cutting-edge technologies.
We want you to get ahead safely and securely.

Because no two companies are the same

We at Insurance 1 are specialists in personal injury, damage to property and liability insurance solutions for special target groups as well as special concepts for all kinds of international commitments. As your brokers of special solutions, we know that every insurance has to be as individual as the person who is taking it up. To design your coverage, therefore, we use international markets and partners. This means we can insure (almost) anything which at national level would otherwise be hardly possible or not possible at all.

The show must go on

Music festivals, sports tournaments and major events attract a lot of people. But the risks for the organisers of such mega-events increase enormously too. No matter whether the star's vocal chords are causing problems or an official directive is preventing an event, Insurance 1 will design your individual coverage concept to stand up in the face of any adversity.

If you want to tread new paths, you will need coverage

Entrepreneurs who invest in projects for the future encounter difficulties in German-speaking countries. Banks are very cautious as far as funding is concerned, many types of product liability insurance bow out when national borders are crossed, and all-risk coverage for transport and installation resemble more an old blanket with lots of holes than a strong protective screen. Insurance 1 will design the ideal innovative coverage or funding for all those who want to try something completely new.

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